Venice Traffic Jam

How do they not crash? I am just starting to discover the secret of Venice and the plan behind the chaos. Some of it, I think, is luck. For example, those early 1500-BC settlers who found refuge from barbarians on these silty islands and started sinking wooden pylons...

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The View

Our hotel, the Locanda Vivaldi, as is often so true in life, is a double-edged sword. Located in the thick of things, just two bridges down from San Marco, we step out into a maelstorm of daytrippers and international hawkers selling selfie sticks and laser beam toys....

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The Philosopher in Seat 1B

The youngish guy who sat next to me in seat 1B (hey, I got a free upgrade) on my flight down to Austin was a tall guy, a baseball cap on his prematurely balding head, and a little overweight. And as our flight bumped through storm cells over Virginia, Kentucky and...

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Seeing the real space shuttle up close and watching a Space X Falcon 9 rocket launch from Cape Canaveral–priceless. After a morning tour of the Kennedy Space Center, I returned to the Quantum of the Seas and in the evening, stood on deck with hundreds of others...

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Resist Inertia.

Fight Routine.

Play Hooky.